Hot selling custom hot dip galvanized wire cutting binding straight wire

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Name: Factory price high quality electro galvanized straight cut iron wire
Material:  Q195
Treatment:  Electro-galvanized; Hot dipped galvanized;black,coated
Package:  As your demand
Production QTY:  1000tons/month
Application:  construction,wooden case and furniture.

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Product name Straight Galvanized Iron Cut Wire
Material galvanized wire,black annealed wire, pvc wire, stainless steel wire
Wire diameter 0.7mm-4mm, 0.71mm  0.81m 0.91mm 1.2mm 1.6mm,2.0mm
Surface bright ,smooth 5.Characteristic: It is easy for transport and handle, Suitable
Usage & strong, lasting ,rust-resistant , 6.Application: popular in construction, handicrafts, florist wire,brush products or daily
Cut wire length 150-600mm
Cut wire surface treatmentElectro galvanized iron wire
Hot dipped galvanized iron wire
PVC coated iron wire
Black annealed wire
Package: 1.Packing in bundles, 10 kg 20kg 25 kg or 50 kg. Then wrapped with plastic film outside 
with woven bag.
2. Packing in bundles then packing with carton. 20 kg / carton or 25 kg / carton or 50 kg / carton
3. All the straight cutting wire packing in pallet to against broken.
4.As your demand
Application: construction,wooden case and furniture.
Cut wire is a kind of tie wire made with iron wire cutting to certain sizes after being straightened. It is
made with galvanized iron wire straightened then cut into pieces of various length according to your
 requirement. .
Product Description
Electro Galvanized Iron Wire cut wire hot dipped galvanized iron wire /cold galvanzied iron wire
1. Product data 
1)Hot dipped galvanized iron wire
Material: Low carbon steel wire, through drawing and electric galvanizing
Wire gauge: 8# to 36# (3.8mm, 0.19mm)
Zinc coating: 45-120g
Properties: Dark color compared with electro galvanized, high production rate, thick galvanized 
coating, high anti corrosion, it can remain at least 10 years in our of door
Application: Because its thick coating, it has been widely used in our daily life for better fence
 protection. It widely used in chemical equipment, oil processing, Oceanic Exploration and Research, 
power transmission and so on.
2)Electro galvanized iron wire(cold galvanized iron wire)
Wire gauge: 8# to 38# (3.8mm, 0.15mm)
Zinc coating: 10-35g
Properties: The coating is uniform and smooth. Thin zinc coating, bright color
Application: Galvanized iron wire uses in weaving of wire mesh, fencing for expressway and 
3)Galvanized binding wire
The material: High quality low carbon steel Q195
Technology: Electro Galvanized Iron Wire; Hot-dip Galvanized Iron Wire
Diameter: 0.2mm 5.0mm
Package: Small Coil or Large Coil, Spool Wire, straight cut wire or U type wire
Packing: Standard: 25kg/coil, 50kg/coil; Also according to customers request, like 0.5kg/coil, 1kg/coil,
 5kg/coil, 10kg/coil, Pallet is available; Plastic inside and woven outside& Plastic inside and 
hessian outside
2. Product purpose 
Products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, silk screen preparation, highway barrier, 
product packaging and daily civil, and other fields.
3. Range of application 
The various production and research department of the national economy, for example: Machine
 manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, chemical, light Industry, transportation, weapons, 
aerospace, atomic energy, and so on.
4. Product advantage 
Zinc plating thicker, crystallization meticulous, uniform and no pore, good corrosion resistance; 
The zinc plating is pure, in acid, alkali corrosion slower, such as fog can effectively protect the steel
Zinc plating after chromate passivation form such as white, color, army green, beautiful and easy, 
have a certain decorative; Because of the zinc coating has good ductility, therefore can be rushed, 
rolling, cold bending and forming and not damage the coating.
5. All kinds of packing for your reference 
1). Package with plastic film 
2). Package with woven bag 
3). Package with hessian 
4). Package with carton
Wire Gauge SWG(mm) BWG(mm) Metric(mm)
8 4.05 4.19 4
9 3.66 3.76 4
10 3.25 3.4 3.5
11 2.95 3.05 3
12 2.64 2.77 2.8
13 2.34 2.41 2.5
14 2.03 2.11 2.5
15 1.83 1.83 1.8
16 1.63 1.65 1.65
17 1.42 1.47 1.4
18 1.22 1.25 1.2
19 1.02 1.07 1
20 0.91 0.84 0.9
21 0.81 0.81 0.8
22 0.71 0.71 0.7

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