Machete M2002

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Material: Forging steel

Usage: Agriculture for the harvesting of sugar cane. A variety of specifications for sugar cane knives,machetes, corn knives, we can also make the products according to customer requirements.

Processing and Character: Has been gone through punching,heat treatment,polishing and assemble..It has the characterof flinty texture and smooth surface and it is easy to handle.

Available:  With plastic handle or wooden handle.

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Blade material:55Mn/60Mn/65Mn high carbon steel
Size :12"14"16"18"19"20"22"
Color:Black or Silver
Handle :P lastic or wooden available
Rivets:3 Rivets
Machete Hardness:47-50°c
Label or stamping :Crocodile, jewel, gemlight, or customized
Packaging detail:1pc/pvc bag,48pcs/CTN with anti-moisture paper
Processing and Character: Has been gone through punching,heat treatment,polishing and
assemble..It has the character of flinty texture and smooth surface and it is easy to handle
Available: With plastic handle or wooden handle.
Packaging detail:1pc/pvc bag,48pcs/CTN with anti-moisture paper
1--The materials of various models of the machetes are manganese steel of 65(50,60,45),which has
the advantages of moderate hardness ,distinct flexibility,etc.
2--The thickness of the products raw material is 2.2mm-2.4mm,the end product 2mm- 2.2mm and the
error +- 0.1mm.
3--It is very bright and can last for a long time
4--Packing: Each of the machete is packed with PVC plastic bags.The outer packing carton is the
kraft paper carton.The feature of this kind of carton .strong,hard,moisture-resistant and pressure-resis
Processing and Character: Has been gone through punching,heat treatment,polishing and assemble.
.It has the character of flinty texture and smooth surface and it is easy to handle
Usage:Sugarcane Machetes are mainly used in hewing sugarcane,cornstalk,grass etc
1.We are the professional manufacturers of tools for many years.
2.All the tools of different sizes are forged by steel of high quality.
3.This kind machete is light and easy carry,they are comfortable and ergonomical.
4.Mainly used in agriculture for the harvesting of sugar cane. 
5.We guarantee that the goods are made of the best materials and of first class workmanship, brand
new, and comply in all respects with the quality and specifications and performance as stipulated in
6.We can promise that send you parts that are not easily damaged at the time of shipment.
7.Our sales manager is online for 24 hours, when we get your needs we can give you timely reply
and solutions.
8.The machete is formed by the hydraulic molding of the rail steel plate by the punching machine,
and then finished by polishing and painting black. According to the style of the sword ,these
machetes have different models, typically have M206 M208, M212 and M205, M204, M2002,
M2003, M213, M214 maize knife, grass cutter, etc.
Machete Specifications
Blade material
55Mn/60Mn/65Mn high carbon steel
10" 12"14"16"18"19"20"22"24"
Black or Silver
Plastic or wooden available
Label or stamping
Packaging detail
1pc/pvc bag,48pcs/CTN with anti-moisture paper

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