304 Stainless Steel Woven 30 Mesh 30cmX60cm Window Screen Net Wire Mesh

Short Description:

Name:304 Stainless Steel Woven 30 Mesh 30cmX60cm Window Screen Net Wire Mesh
Usage: Used in mine,oil chemical industry,food processing industry,pharmaceutical industry and 
machinery producing etc.
Weaving and character: Plain weaving or twill weaving,dutch weaving They are alkali resistive,
heat resistive and tearing resistive
Specification: Mesh:2 mesh- 500 mesh
Wire diamter: BWG50-BWG17

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  Name Stainless steel wire mesh,Stainless steel mesh screen,Stainless steel filter wire mesh,

Metal wire mesh,Stainless steel square wire mesh

Material SUS302.304.316.304L.316L stainless steel wire
Usage used in mine,oil chemical industry,food processing industry,

pharmaceutical industry and machinery producing etc.

 Feature of the stainless steel wire mesh
 Corrosion resistance.
 Anti-acid and alkali resistance
 Anti-high temperature.
 Good filter performance.
 Long using life
 Application of the stainless steel wire mesh
 In acid, alkali environment conditions sieving and filtering.
 Petroleum industry as mud mesh,.
 Chemical fiber industry as screen mesh.
 Plating industry as acid cleaning mesh.
 Stainless Steel 304/316 Welded Wire Mesh Panel:
 Stainless steel Welded Wire Mesh is made of Stainless Steel Wire, with smooth mesh surface, uniform mesh, 
 solid solder joint,good localmachine processing performance, stability, anticorrosion and corrosion resistance. 
 Welded Mesh Sheets are mainly used for protection ofmachinery and equipment in mining, petroleum,
 chemical industry, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.Welded Mesh Panels 
can also be widely used for cement in civil buildings, raising chickens,ducks, goose, rabbits and zoo fences.
Stainless steel mesh: Production standard: National standard 
standard to organize production Weaving method: square hole (plain and twill) dense weave (plain weave, twill dense, 
reverse plain weave, reverse twill dense weave) Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310,310S, copper, tin bronze,
pure nickel and other metal wires Mesh size: 4.00~0.020mm (5-635 mesh/inch), see detailed parameter table for 
mesh size Use: Chemical industry: acid-base solution filtration, chemical experiment, chemical particle filtration,
corrosive gas filtration, corrosive dust filtration, magnetic filtration, etc. Petroleum: petroleum purification, petroleum 
mud filtration, separation of impurities, etc. Medicine: Chinese medicine decoction filtration, solid particle filtration,
medicine purification, etc.Electronics: circuit board structure frame, electronic components, acid-base batteries,
radiation protection modules, etc. Printing: ink filtration, toner filtration, toner purification, etc. Machinery: vibrating 
screen, etc.

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