China Factory Wholesale Finishing Headless Steel Nail Concrete Headless Brad Nail

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Name : China Factory Wholesale Finishing Headless Steel Nail Concrete Headless Brad Nail
Material: Q195-Q235
Surface: Polished/Galvanized
Length: 1inch-6inch
Shank: BWG1-BWG20
Package: 20-25kgs/bulk carton;16boxex/carton;wood carton buyer

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Headless Nail is also named Brad Head Nail, mainly used in construction.Usually, nail has a sharp
point on one endand a flattened head on the other, but headless nail do not have the fathead. The 
headless nail can be bound with an air gun, and the nail can be fired like bullets by placing them in
the air gun.
Material: galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire, High strength and flash coat
Use: Mainly used in decoration, furniture, door, window and stitching of other industrial construction
a) Length: 10-50mm (3/8-2″)
b) Width: 1.25mm
c) Thickness: 1.00mm
Customers’ designs welcome
Inner packing:
100pcs/box, 5000pcs/box,Outer packing:20boxs/ctn
0-25kg/carton in bulk. 5kg/carton and 16 boxes in carton,
1kg/plastic bag and 20-25 kg in carton, 0.5kg/plastic bag and 50 bags in carton.(or according to the
Headless nail is usually used in planks because this type of headless nail is so aesthetically pleasing
 when nailed in wooden board, the cap is not visible.
High-quality materials: The surface is galvanized, can effectively prevent nail corrosion and can meet 
your long-term use needs. It is not recommended to store the nail set in a humid place.
High quality: Nails are of high quality, very strong and sharp, and when you use, nails can keep the 
shape and not bend easily.
Application: This nail can be used for a variety of projects, such as hanging photos, generally r
epairing, or making crafts, this combination will be your best choice.
Size  Lengthinches  GaugeB.W.G  Diameter of Headinches        Approximate Number per Ib
2d 1 16 1/2 0.086 1473
3d 11/4 15 1/2 0.099 880
4d 11/2 15 0.1055 630
5d 13/4 15 0.1055 535
6d 2 13 0.135 288
7d 21/4 13 0.135 254
8d 21/2 12 1/2 0.142 196
9d 23/4 12 1/2 0.142 178
10d 3 11 1/2 0.155 124
12d 31/4 11 1/2 0.155 113
16d 31/2 11 0.162 93
20d 4 10 0.177 95
30d 41/2 9 …… …….
40d 5 8 …… ……


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