Small spools Electric Galvanized Rebar Tying Wire Coil Spools For Rebar Tier Machine Used Tie Wire small spool wire

Short Description:

Name:Small spools Electric Galvanized Rebar Tying 
Wire Coil Spools For Rebar Tier Machine Used Tie Wire small spool wire
Surface:  bright or soap coated
Package:  coil
Tensile Strength: Customer Request
Characteristics:  Excellent Surface,perfect quality
Speciffication:  diameter:BWG50-BWG6

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Product name Stainless Seel Wire
Material 310S,310,309,309S,316,316L,316Ti,317,317L,321,321H,347,347H,304,304L,302,301,201,202,403,405,409,409L,410,410S,420,430,631,904L,Duplex,etc
Length Customer Request
Surface bright or soap coated
Diameter more than 2.00, per volume weight in 30~ 60 kg, inner and outside plastic film packaging;
If you have any special requirements please specify according to client requirement
Tensile Strength Customer Request
Characteristics Excellent Surface,perfect quality
Our Services 1. Bottom price for customers.2.Best quality is provided.
Packaging Information of Stainless Steel Wire:
1.Diameter: Φ0.03~Φ0.25 mm ,can adopt ABS - DN100 plastic shaft packing , 2 kg per shaft , 
16 shaft / per box;
2.Diameter: Φ0.25~Φ0.80 mm ,can adopt ABS - DN160 plastic shaft packing , 7 kg per shaft , 
4 shaft / per box;
3.Diameter: Φ0.80~Φ2.00 mm ,can adopt ABS - DN200 plastic shaft packing , 13.5 kg per shaft , 
4 shaft / per box;
Stainless steel wire is fabricated from an iron alloy that offers high resistance to corrosion, including 
staining and rusting, in many environments where spring or galvanized steel wire would typically 
degrade. Its performance properties, including corrosion resistance and strength, depend on its
 numerical grade. Type 304 stainless steel wire, also known as 18-8, is a general-purpose material 
that combines corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability, making it the most commonly used 
grade of stainless steel. The 316 stainless steel wire grade provides increased corrosion resistance
 compared to 304.Stainless Steel Wire is spring tempered and made from full hard, 300 series 
stainless steel. Excellent corrosion resistant qualities and smooth finish. Applications include springs, 
wire forms, control linkages, armature binding, ceramic cutting, and a variety of industrial uses. 

Stainless steel wire size

Wire diameter (mm)

Tolerance (mm)

Maximum deviation (mm)






















1 corrosion resistant

2 high tensile strength

3 high fatigue strength

4 chemical stability

5 high cleanability and hygiene


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stainless steel wire is widely use for lifting ,fixing,cableway,hanging,supporting.

refloatation,haulage,makiing kitchen utensils,steel balls.etcH172ea83db2d944a5978df847a6475340F

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