Diamond Point Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nail For Pallet Nails From China

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Name:Diamond Point Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nail For Pallet Nails From China
Material: Q235
Diameter:  1.95~4.6mm ( 0.077''~0.181'' )
Length:  19mm ~180mm( 3/4'' ~ 7')
Shank:  Smooth, Ring, Screw
Head type:   Flat / Jolt / Umbrella / Casing / Oval
Point:   No Point / Diamond / Blunt Diamond
Finishing:  Bright / EG / MG / HDG
Coating:  Yellow, Red, Blue,Zinc
Angel: 15°
Coil: 150~400 Pcs/Coil

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Material Q23
Diameter 1.95~4.6mm ( 0.077”~0.181” )
Length 19mm ~180mm( 3/4” ~ 7′)
Shank Smooth, Ring, Screw
Head type Flat / Jolt / Umbrella / Casing / Oval
Point No Point / Diamond / Blunt Diamond
Finishing Bright / EG / MG / HDG
Coating Yellow, Red, Blue,Zinc
Angel 15°
Coil 150~400 Pcs/Coil

What is Coil Nail?

Coil Nails are a series of nails arranged in a circle connected by a piece of metal and loaded into a gun
It is often used on the roof and can finish one roll continuously, which is very efficient. the main coating
methods of coil nails are smooth, screw, uncoated, galvanized.

Application for different Shank:

Smooth Shank
Smooth shank nails are the most common and are often used for framing and general construction 
applications. They offer enough holding power for most everyday use.

Ring Shank
Ring shank nails offer superior holding power over smooth shank nails because the wood fills in the
crevasse of the rings and also provide friction to help prevent the nail from backing out over time. A
ring shank nail is often used in softer types of wood where splitting is not an issue.

Screw Shank
A screw shank nail is generally used in hard woods to prevent the wood from splitting while the fastener
is being driven. The fastener spins while being driven (like a screw) which creates a tight groove that 
makes the fastener less likely to back out.

Item               Diameter(mm)         Length(mm)           Head Diameter(mm)
       COIL      NAIL    2.05-2.15 25-27 4.8-5.0
2.05-2.15 32-40 4.8-5.0
2.05-2.15 45-55 4.8-5.0
2.20-2.30 38-45 5.5-5.7
2.20-2.30 50-55 5.5-5.7
2.35-2.45 40-50 6.3-6.5
2.35-2.45 55-60 6.3-6.5
2.35-2.45 63-70 6.3-6.5
2.65-2.95 57-65 6.5-6.8
2.75-3.10 70-90 6.5-6




Hardness: using high quality Q235 steel to produce,meet the needs of various operations

Durability: the surface of professional lacquer immersion treatment,not easy to rust

Credit: don’t cut corners to ensure quality

Delicacy: the product is exquisite,the craft is perfect

Powerful: with advanced technology complete set

Preciseness: control product quality with ISO9001 quality management system.

coil nail.webp

screw shank coil nails: diameter:0.083 ’0.09’0.099’0.113’0.120’0.131’0.135′

smooth shank: cinyl coated hard body

packing:250pcs/roll.300pcs/roll 350pcs/roll,3000pcs/roll


surface treatment:vinyl coated galvanized poloshed






mechanical equipment/electronic equipmetn/furniture/construction equipment


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