Diamond Point Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nail For Pallet Nails From China

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Name:Diamond Point Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nail For Pallet Nails From China
Material: Q235
Diameter:  1.95~4.6mm ( 0.077''~0.181'' )
Length:  19mm ~180mm( 3/4'' ~ 7')
Shank:  Smooth, Ring, Screw
Head type:   Flat / Jolt / Umbrella / Casing / Oval
Point:   No Point / Diamond / Blunt Diamond
Finishing:  Bright / EG / MG / HDG
Coating:  Yellow, Red, Blue,Zinc
Angel: 15°
Coil: 150~400 Pcs/Coil

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Material Q23
Diameter 1.95~4.6mm ( 0.077”~0.181” )
Length 19mm ~180mm( 3/4” ~ 7′)
Shank Smooth, Ring, Screw
Head type Flat / Jolt / Umbrella / Casing / Oval
Point No Point / Diamond / Blunt Diamond
Finishing Bright / EG / MG / HDG
Coating Yellow, Red, Blue,Zinc
Angel 15°
Coil 150~400 Pcs/Coil
1.Bulk carton box
2.Round pail
3.Wooden frame
4.Combination plastic box
5.Small poly bag(KL,KLS)
6.Small box(NL,KY,KU,KK,DH)
Supply Ability: 50 Twenty-Foot Container per Month
* For use in 15 degree flat coil framing nailers
* Wire collated ring shank
* Hot dip galvanized coating resists corrosion and rust. For interior and exterior use. Rated for use
 in treated lumber
* Full round head
* New and improved packaging helps protect product during shipment
Usage:wooden packaging box, wooden pallet manufacturing, elevator industry, electrical equipment
 industry, wooden furniture, wooden frame house fence, etc.
1.Be suitable for mechanical nailing and can be installed on the nailing machine for continuous nailing. 
2.Reduce physical labor and improve productivity.
3.Be especially suitable for the use in construction, decoration, furniture, woodwork, packaging and 
other industries.
Coil nail is assembled together in coil by steel wire, hence the name wire collated nail. Main types
include smooth shank nail, ring shank nail and screw nail. The wire-collated coiled nail is compatible 
with pneumatic wire coil framing nailers. Main application fields include binding of pallet & crate, 
fencing, garden furniture and external cladding fixation, etc.coil nail is shoted by nail gun(coil nailer)
continousy.The advantages is to reduce manual labor and increase productivity.It is widely used,
especially suitable for construction,decoration,furniture,wood packing ,rutomotice and other industries.
Item               Diameter(mm)         Length(mm)           Head Diameter(mm)
       COIL      NAIL    2.05-2.15 25-27 4.8-5.0
2.05-2.15 32-40 4.8-5.0
2.05-2.15 45-55 4.8-5.0
2.20-2.30 38-45 5.5-5.7
2.20-2.30 50-55 5.5-5.7
2.35-2.45 40-50 6.3-6.5
2.35-2.45 55-60 6.3-6.5
2.35-2.45 63-70 6.3-6.5
2.65-2.95 57-65 6.5-6.8
2.75-3.10 70-90 6.5-6




Hardness: using high quality Q235 steel to produce,meet the needs of various operations

Durability: the surface of professional lacquer immersion treatment,not easy to rust

Credit: don’t cut corners to ensure quality

Delicacy: the product is exquisite,the craft is perfect

Powerful: with advanced technology complete set

Preciseness: control product quality with ISO9001 quality management system.

coil nail.webp

screw shank coil nails: diameter:0.083 ’0.09’0.099’0.113’0.120’0.131’0.135′

smooth shank: cinyl coated hard body

packing:250pcs/roll.300pcs/roll 350pcs/roll,3000pcs/roll


surface treatment:vinyl coated galvanized poloshed






mechanical equipment/electronic equipmetn/furniture/construction equipment


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