Diamond Point Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nail For Pallet Nails From China

Short Description:

Name:Diamond Point Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nail For Pallet Nails From China
Material: Q235
Diameter:  1.95~4.6mm ( 0.077''~0.181'' )
Length:  19mm ~180mm( 3/4'' ~ 7')
Shank:  Smooth, Ring, Screw
Head type:   Flat / Jolt / Umbrella / Casing / Oval
Point:   No Point / Diamond / Blunt Diamond
Finishing:  Bright / EG / MG / HDG
Coating:  Yellow, Red, Blue,Zinc
Angel: 15°
Coil: 150~400 Pcs/Coil

Product Detail

Product Tags

Material: Q235
Length: 25-120mm
Shank Diameter: 2.1-3.3mm
Shank: Smooth, Ring, Screw
Usage: Floor & wall framing, sub-flooring, siding, roof sheathing, decking and fence building.
Packing: 300PCS/coil, 30coil/carton, 9000pcs per carton, or as customers requirement
Common Package: 300pcs per coil, 30 coils per carton, 9000pcs per carton.

* According to the size of nails ,the package is 200~400pcs per coil, 4000~12000pcs per carton.
* Or as customers requirements.
* Package and printing style could be as customers requirement, other style design please discuss with us !!!
Hardness: using high quality Q235 steel to produce,meet the needs of various operations

Durability: the surface of professional lacquer immersion treatment,not easy to rust

Credit: don’t cut corners to ensure quality

Delicacy: the product is exquisite,the craft is perfect

Powerful: with advanced technology complete set

Preciseness: control product quality with ISO9001 quality management system.

screw shank coil nails: diameter:0.083 ’0.09’0.099’0.113’0.120’0.131’0.135′

smooth shank: cinyl coated hard body

packing:250pcs/roll.300pcs/roll 350pcs/roll,3000pcs/roll


surface treatment:vinyl coated galvanized poloshed


mechanical equipment/electronic equipmetn/furniture/construction equipment

Item               Diameter(mm)         Length(mm)           Head Diameter(mm)
       COIL      NAIL    2.05-2.15 25-27 4.8-5.0
2.05-2.15 32-40 4.8-5.0
2.05-2.15 45-55 4.8-5.0
2.20-2.30 38-45 5.5-5.7
2.20-2.30 50-55 5.5-5.7
2.35-2.45 40-50 6.3-6.5
2.35-2.45 55-60 6.3-6.5
2.35-2.45 63-70 6.3-6.5
2.65-2.95 57-65 6.5-6.8
2.75-3.10 70-90 6.5-6





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